Health, my poodles and love

I want to Thank you Jesus Chris and my father Zeljko Stipancic for helping me find a doctor and giving me all the answers to my health issues.
I ask you Jesus Christ to cure my illness and make this surgery be successful.
Please heal my upper back, my neck, my shoulder blade, heal my chest and breathing issues, heal my nerves and muscles. Remove all the toxic from my body and cure my anxiety.
Give me the chance to live my life and cure my illness.
Please protect and bless my beautiful poodles Indy and lily.
Cure Indy’s stomach and bless her with health, cure lily breathing/chocking and bless her with health. May Indy and lily both live a long healthy life.
I pray that you bless me with a loving man and a child of my own, that I will love unconditionally.
I pray that I do not lose my home and money comes my way to help me pay my home.
Please tell my father Zeljko Stipancic, I love and miss him so much and he can visit me any time in my dream. Tata, together in electric dreams.
Thankyou Jesus Christ, I love you forever

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