Blessing for a new job

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, please fully bless me this good job at Kaiser, I pray for great and successful results for my background check and Physical, I pray for a great, successful and joyful of my first day on February 6. I pray to bless me for better joy, peace of mind, and successful fulfill each day on this new job, I pray to have a good and kind people to work with and kind managers/supervisor to work for. Please Lord Jesus bless me a great future to grow old and retire from this hospital, Kaiser. I pray for many hours each day and full paycheck every payday and I pray for a full year of success each day on this new year and years to come. I pray for my son Michael for another year of success in his job at UTC, my son Chris in his job at Scripps and Mags in his job at Sherwood. Please Lord bless me so much joy, peace of mind, success, many good friends and many hours in this new job at Kaiser. Thank you Lord Jesus.

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