To Be Fully and Completely Supported by, and in the Christ Consciousness – Wherewithal

Dear Lord, Since I was very young, I have asked to walk a Christed path. I have grown weary knowing that I have not fulfilled your intent for me, or my intent for myself, even though in some ways I have. Though I know I must trust, I feel I have been blindsided too many times. Please Lord, provide me with strength, wherewithal, peace, freedom, fulfillment, love, and joy. Let me help others find the same. In gratitude to the divine beings that have protected me and those I love along the journey, I ask that we be forever protected against the evil forces that have tried to stop us. Please provide me the support in every way needed to do my part in awakening the world. Graciously, I ask to provide me with that which is needed to bring balance and power to truth, purity and divinity. Please allow my partner to awaken to the importance and value. Let us walk the Christed path together without fear. In the name of Christ, through the blood of Christ, for the love of Christ. In Gratitude and Love. Amen.

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