please save and rescue my dad mom brother baby wife … me…keep whole full complte lost stolen switching giving away etc by satans demons evil spirits demons and keep attack and kill my dad mom brother baby wife,,,and everythng… please give eachone us between us our eachone one between us completely whole healing restoration fix…. please deliver us rescue save us eachone our everything from all the enemes ..people…satans and their works… please restore fix everything and whole all the lost stolen gave away….switched ,,, mixed,,etc spirit soul mind heart… etc and everything for eachone us between us our eachone between us eveyrni ng .. keep satans killing our soul and everything …and eager to steal destroy everything from eachone us between us and our eachone everythng…please give us compelte deliverance healing and restoraiton and fix everything…for me my dad mom parents brother baby wife family him his parents family,,,,us between us each other …please also deliver us from tempttations and switching stolen,,, all the spiritual matters and duffuculties,,, even for our house,…store… etc and everyting for eachone us between us ….eachother… please give eachone us between us compelte whole healing and restoration fix..please save eachone us from all the enemies please…please s.. us from them and their works,… and plesae DDCERT compeltely and wholly..please break all the bondages chains teul….and everything for eahcone us beween us eachotner our eachone between us everything….please cast out away remove all the satans demons evil spirits devils soul minds hearts ,,,etc.frome achone us between us our eachone between us everything..da dasi heh ju seh yo,,,

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