Heavenly Father…

Please be mercy and forgive me my dad mom brother baby wife,him and his parents and please take care of eachone and usbetween us…our eachone between each other everythng..
Keep Whole Full complete eachone us between us eachother our eachone between us everything keep stolen lost switched…giving away ..missed etc by satans demons evil spirits devils so easily..and get satans..and their soul works…keep goto my parents brother baby through me and keep steal kill destroy everything..even houses cars…etc even everymoments soul minds hearts spirits..and everyng…even during sleeping, praying Please restore fix everything for eachone us between us eachother our eachone between us everyning and please give eachone us between us eachother..complete whole healing restoration fix..please take care of us….and heal us with physically mentally minds hearts etc and please restore fix heal evething for eachone between us eachone other and everything. please deliver us from keep getting evils pirits devils demons..their soul works please cast out away send away remove from eachone us between us eachother oue eachone between us eeruthing….even whole houses cars store,,,,etc…please rescue save deliver eachone and us from all the satans enemies people and their works..please bring eachone and us our eachone between us eachont er back and please give us mind hearts mental physically etc healing and restoriaont fix…and please protect and guide us give us clear direction..please save us..please save my mom dad brother baby wife….him parents,..me my/his/my brother’s family..monjee tul mahn keum do juh hee mahn eh gutt yi geh heh ju seh yo…… jeh bal please DDCERT completely wholly even monjee tul mahn jeum doh from all the enemies satans demons evils pirits devils….even same households….etc….duh yi sang g;deul eul same house hold ra goh seng gak jee ahm eu syutt eum joket seum mee dah…..jin sim eu roh ..man yi sangchu batt go sil mang het seup midah..from u..please save us and our everything from them..young won hee..and all the enemies satnas..for my brother baby wife him parnets my parents me..us..dasi….

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