Thank you Jesus

Thank you Jesus , thank you for our good health Lord. Thank you for our lovely garden flat Lord. Thank you Jesus for the legal aid and answering my prayers Lord. Thank you for this miracle. Thank you for my statement and for the help and support I’m getting from many people. Thank you for bringing back my work and wages as a photographer. Thank you for my healthy and kind son and for my sister Lord and for my extended family. Thank you for healing us with your precious blood Lord. Thank you for Our lady and St Joseph interceding in prayers for us Lord Jesus. Thank you for sending your Angels, fighting for us. Healing us. Restoring us and taking back what belongs to us. Thank you for casting out demonic energies and entities out from our life Lord that has come to steal kill and destroy. Thank you Jesus for healing us by your wounds Lord Jesus. And giving us life more abundantly.
Thank you for letting the court Judges rule in my favour and making the thief restore what he has stolen. Thank you Jesus for bringing back my son into my full time care and protection.

I love you Lord. Thank you for dying for my sins. Hallelujah. Glory to you oh God!

In Jesus name I pray


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