Salvation, Healing, Deliverance, Protection and be United In Christ’s Love, Restored and Made Whole and Complete AND PROSPERITY

Brothers and Sisters of God and our Lord Yeshua, Jesus I ask all of you to pray for the intentions of our Holy Father and Yeshua, Jesus in Heaven for especial prayers offered for my brother and his wife: San Sun L, Fatima L and our brothers and sister: Pamela M M, Rui Santos M. Please pray the Lord bless them miracle of healing for their lives, free them from tyranny of drug addictions, bless them with no more desires from this great harm for their souls. The Lord please save them from all kinds of addictions, gambling addictions and watching unclean movies. Please Lord we pray to thee that you save their souls and help them and their family to be free from snares of the snake. Bless them great miracle of healing them from all illness of mind, body, soul and spirit. Cleanse them of all their sins as we offer prayers for them and to protect them, their homes and family and bring deliverance to them from thy Holy Priests Father of Heaven in Yeshua, Jesus name we pray, you bless them to accept Jesus into their lives and to walk in great faith with the Lord, be in the light, truth, attend the Lord’s church to pray prayers of healing, deliverance, salvation, protection for them and their family. As we pray fervently for their salvation. Please Lord, fill up their lamp with oil and light up their lamp with your light so bright unto their lives, family life, career, home and relationship with themselves, others, with thee Lord Father and Jesus in Jesus name I pray. The light in their lamp is so powerful, it heals them every areas of their lives, restores them and made whole and complete and in their relationship with thee. The light in their lamp Lord bless for them that it is so bright it dispels all the illness, darkness away from them, their homes, family lives and relationship with others, themselves and with thee Lord and bring prosperity into their lives, home and family life, in particular career. Bless them and their children to be blessed by thee Lord as we pray for them. Bless them everlasting life for them for the remaining days of their lives on earth and they truly accept Lord Yeshua, Jesus in their lives, annointed with a new and right spirit and be walk in the light with Yeshua, Jesus to be in truth and relationship with Father of Heaven, in Jesus name and Lord Yeshua, Jesus Christ.

Please pray to the Lord for me that I go to China to teach English, get accepted to University Flinders to study Postgraduate Certificate in TESOL in July and can do off campus study for this course in within 2 months of study of this course and Amandeep M from Education Access Aus. will offer a miracle job for me to teach English at her company or get a miracle job offer in teaching English at Copperfield School within a two months of study Postgraduate Certificate in Tesol in July. Any miracle job offer in Teaching English at great schools the Lord bless I will accept or all the jobs I ask to be bless unto me is fine as long as they all work well to get me to a great leadership job in Teaching English in future. Please Lord bless me this gift and that I will do really well in teaching English in Education sector and will make a difference to other’s lives. I promise the Lord the money donation I work hard will help pay off all the bills I am struggling, fix our homes, invest on few home properties, the money I work hard will also go to the poor, the Lord’s church and with the Lord’s help I will achieve all these things and I will always give credit to the Lord. I also want to go the Lord’s Holy Land Church of Sepulchre with the money I work hard for and always send money to the Church of Sepulchre with money I make to pray for others and as give donation to fix the Lord’s church of Sepulchre when I send money to pray for others. Please Lord bless me and I will always show thy glory. I love you Father of Heaven, in Jesus name and Lord Yeshua, Jesus Christ Son of God. Please Mary Most Holy and her most chaste spouse, St. Joseph pray for me and all the names I offer in this prayer to thy son Lord Yeshua, Jesus our beloved Lord and our Lord’s Father in Heaven for blessings to be bestowed upon me and names and blessings offered in this prayer. Thank you so much.

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