A Prayer of Blessing for Emre and I to be together and united in a romantic loving relationship

Dear Heavenly Father in our Lord Yeshua, Jesus name and my beloved Lord Yeshua, Jesus in Heaven please hear my prayer concerning matters of my heart and love. I love you Lord and I plea in my prayer that you finally bless me and Emre Tepabasi to develop a romantic and loving, caring and tender relationship. That he loves me and cares for me and he has love romantic relationship for me and would come around to finally ask me out on a date and let our relationship bloom in love and grow and develop into a beautiful most romantic and loving relationship that no one has ever seen such great love have ever been seen on earth. That we really love each other and wish to be together. That the Lord bless Emre for me. Please Lord as I really like/love him and I really want to be with Emre. The Lord knows my life and situation in the romantic love department and I really wish that the Lord will bless me this grace for me. I love you Lord Father of Heaven in Jesus name and Lord Yeshua, Jesus please make me happy in this world. I really like Emre, I liked him the first time I saw him and want him to be my forever love and I to be his forever love too and that he will be the father of my children and would enjoy this gift with me.

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