Shift The Atmosphere and Release Endless Miracles And Blessings

I would like All of My Prayer Warriors to Stand, Believe and Decree with Me for a Shifting of the Atmosphere, Opening up of Doors and Windows that no man nor woman can shut, Removing Anyone and Everyone, Anything and Everything that’s standing in the way of the following Miracles being Manifested in My Favor with a Rama (right now) sense of Urgency: 1.) Restoring, Resurrecting, Reviving, Renewing My Relationship with My Husband R.E.W., Jr. allowing him to initiate the contact between us and get in position and become a Faithful Member of the F.H.M.I. Church, 2.) Release My Endless, Supernatural Financial Windfall/Overflow/Increase from the North, South, East and West, 3.) Return My Son to My Household permanently without any custody issues or battles, and 4.) Enlarge My Territory by sending forth My Affordable House on the Southside of town. I would like to Thank God in Advance for Releasing His Angels on My Behalf and Honoring Me with Each and Every one of these Blessings listed here!!!!!!!

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