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COPD Emphysema

I have stage 4 emphysema. I am asking for healing prayer given by our Almighty God to take this disease from me if it be His Will. I am eternally grateful for your intercession on my behalf in this matter. May God Bless you all.

Marriage healing

Healing of my marriage that I might hear from my wife Misty that her heart would soften and communication would return.


Father God my lady friend Thalia Georgalia , is still in hospital. She is awaiting her results from the doctors. She is healed from sepsis however she is always very weak. She needs physical strength to get on with what she wants to do. Her lungs could be weakened, and she has arthritis in her …

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I pray that I become healed of schizophrenia, depression and anxiety and I work and earn over 24,000 a year. Thank you.

For health

please pray for my soul. I was born on November the 26, 1989, in hammer smith, and my name is Andrew Konrad korczak.