Prayer For Carlos, Lydia , Angelica and Anthony

Miracles Do Come True!


Prayers for my son , daughter in law’s marriage and their family.

Carlos, Lydia , Angelica and Anthony

I am asking for prayers for my son and daughter in law’s marriage, for their relationship their family, for my grand babies..
They are having a lot of difficulties and a lot of problems in their marriage. I am praying that our Lord Jesus Christ opens my son and my daughter in laws eyes and their hearts and that they fall in love with each other all over again. That they are truthful, honest and open with each other. May they be faithful to one another. I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ is able to perform a miracle and is able to provide love and healing in their marriage, relationship and family. May there be a spark that will ignite their love and passion that they once felt for one another. That it burn ever so strong, bright and high. May it never be extinguished. I believe it, declare it, claim it and receive it that God our Father will unite them as a married couple, as individuals and as a family. That they will be able to overcome and survive this crisis and that they will come out of this with an unshakable, undying, unfaltering and unwavering faith. That they worship as a couple, as individuals and as a family. That their faith be stronger than ever before and that it can never be broken. That they will be able to move forward. May they be able to trust one another. May they be able to over come any obstacles together. That they will be able to give testimony to God’s awesomeness and to His love. May my grand babies feel your arms tightly wrapped around them and may they feel comforted, safe and at peace knowing that you are restoring and repairing their parents marriage, relationship and their family. God hear the prayers of a mother, mother in law and grandmother. In Jesus name. I pray to you my Lord, my God. Amen and Amen.

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