Please help me, Jesus

In the Holy Name of Jesus I beg for the mercy of God. It has now been nine months since I lost my dear wife and I am more desperate than ever. I am lost and I don't know what to do. Nothing seems to help. Please, Jesus, please help me. I am filled with […]

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Dear Heavenly Father, Please help me to find genuine, true, forever friendship. Friendships that are real. Friendships that are fun. Friendships that exist during hard times. Friendships that don't succumb to lies or rumors. Friendships that are full of life, full of love. Help me to find friends… please. Amen.

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Health & Type 1 Diabetes

Heavenly Father, please give me assistance and encourage me to take care of my type 1 diabetes in much better ways. Please help me also with showing me proper eating habits, and what kind of exercise will be sufficient for my weight loss, as well as a fully changed lifestyle overall so I can be

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Life prayer

Prayers for continued sobriety, Gods guidance and protection for myself, son and son’s father. For my son to grow up as a Godly man and prayers for a Godly husband to support, protect, and love myself and my son. In Jesus name we pray, Amen Lacy and Brooks

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In need of courage

Lord Jesus, you know my greatest preoccupation at the moment which has been on my mind for quite some time now. You also know how hard I have been working on this. I have done my utmost in it and I feel I cannot pool in more energy into it any more. I cannot do

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For my family

Dear Lord,May you grant me a deliverance from stress and anxiety,and may the Good Lord provide me with a job!Also may he draw my children and grandchildren to him that all will be in heaven even by the skin of their teeth as Jesus taught.Sincerely Michael Lindstrom

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Heavenly Father forgive Natalie quinn and her 3 children of their sin. I pray that they would have love honor respect protection and my pregnancy care for give them the hand to raise and to protected our chicken in our yard from all enemy and harm. I pray that all evil arrest would be arrest

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