Prayer Category: hope

Pray for help with further study

Father God it is lies deep upon my heart to pursue my doctorate degree at a university in the UK. I ask your help and mercy to make this a reality. In Jesus holy name I pray. Amen.


Please dear Lord Jesus hear my prayer that Robbie has the strength to stay off drugs and to want to be rid of Lenny. Please give him inspiration for a future without drugs. In Jesus name I pray.

Save my son

Pray for my 20/y/o son who is battling severe depression and substance use. He is losing hope in living and my husband and I are scared. He was raised in the church. Pray that he seek God as his refuge and rely on Him for strength, courage, and hope. Also, I pray that he submit …

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Prayer for Peace

Please pray for Vladimir Putin. Please direct him towards a plan for peace throughout the world. Pray for all refugees who simply want a place to call home where they can be with their loved ones. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Overcome Attack

Praying for my husband to overcome satanic assault, help him overcome adultery. Give him peace and draw him near Lord. In Jesus Name Amen!

Thank you God

Thank you God for blessing my and my family with all we need to live a happy life. Thank you for blessing Summer with physical mental and emotional and spiritual health. Thank you blessing Summer with graduating from Georgetown University and becoming a doctor in Your Name By Your Will For Your Children. Thank you …

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House blessings

I am praying for a house. I am pray for a house. I want a nice house that I can afford and take care of with a big backyard in a safe nice neighborhood so my children can god up and play happy. I want a house I want a home.

Let Paris dance as if she is dancing for you Lord.

Dear Lord, Thank you for all of your blessings and protection. Please help Paris to perform beautifully, as she is dancing for you, at the YAGP ballet festival in Genoa Italy. Give her strength, courage and peace knowing you are dancing with her. In Christ. AMEN

Evil be Gone!

Please pray for me my husband my daughter my grandchildren and the father of my grandchildren and my son as we have all been affected by evil the last couple days harassment threats unkind words and purposely trying to ruin a planned event

Prayers for Our Family

1.). Lord Jesus I pray that you help my husband be cleared from whatever is going on with his job and that they find that everything he did was legit. I pray you help us with our finances, I don't ask for riches just help us to keep up with them. Thank you lord for …

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