Prayer Category: job

Need a Job

Father Lord God, In the name of Jesus, Lord please bless me with a job before this year is out. Lord, I pray that you will open up doors that no man can shut; I need a miracle. Lord, please bless me to be healthy and whole so I can walk into the blesses you …

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For my daughter

Heavenly Father- Thank you for answered prayers. I ask that Alie gets her orders ASAP, that she becomes PIC before she leaves Germany and she travels with Alex and Vinny back to USA. I ask they are stationed together in lower 48 next. I ask these things through Christ my Lord.

Job Offers

Heavenly Father, I am in need of prayer. Father I am praying and requesting blessings and restoration for my son Bobby Jones, Jr. Father my son Bobby is in need of a great paying job with benefits. Father I am asking you to breathe on every application that Bobby has submitted and grant Bobby interviews …

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For my daughters

Heavenly Father I ask that Alie becomes PIC by Dec. & that her commander signs off today and she attends the maintenance course. I ask they have an easy transition to states and relocated together in lower 48. I ask that Briza heals quickly from her surgery. I ask that Vicki gets offered the DOT …

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New job.

God willing please a job offer to begin working this new year.

Health and finances/employment

Dear Jesus, please help my husband and I with our employment. My hubby and I are faced with job challenges due to health issues. Please heal our body and mind so we can return back to normalcy and be able to great employers for our job.

Prayer request

Almighty God, I beg you, give physical and spiritual death to sorcerers who prevent Octave Masikini Nkiere from truly living his destiny. Lord neutralize all negative forces fighting the life of Octave Masikini Nkiere. Heavenly Father gives Octave Masikini Nkiere $10,000 so that he can carry out his project to create the western union and …

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Protection health family

Heaven and all the holy prayer warriors I call for your divine assistance and mercy please pray for me! My family my son and please assist me with my health! I’m going through so much stress right now! Please pray for my precious son that I find a new career path at a company that …

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Building Business

I stand before you humbled, Lord. I ask for more success in the business that I have spent over a year building. Thank you for the blessing of one client. It is appreciated. I am ready for more and ask for guidance as to what steps to take next in order to go to the …

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