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under God’s grace 🙏

Father in Heaven I'm your humble daughter Asking for forgiveness for my children for my self and for healing and protection lord father you're the God of miracles you have safe my son jorge Gort from death 3 times but the enemy continues trying to destroy his life by sending him to prison he's been …

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Thank you

Dear Lord Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, Thank you for your blessings and thank you for helping mum recover from her illness. Please protect my family, friends and I from COVID. Please help the faithfully departed and all people in need. Thank you Amen


Urgent prayer please my son Larry chouest is incarcerated at riverbend correctional center in lake providence the day he stepped foot in there a little over a month ago his life has been threatened over the shoes on his feet he gets moved to pc then the same guys after him they eventually get sent …

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Continued Prayer over Jeremy

Prayers over my son Jeremy. He is on a journey on the Patagonia Highway in Argentina and in very remote places camping at times. Please pray for complete safety and protection in every Cocation at all times. Pray he will have transportation, meet Kind and helpful people, have supply of food, good health, water and …

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My Son

I want you to pray for my son Nestor and his family that he can catch up with his bills because he is very behind. His wife lost her job and she just started one but is not enough. GOD really do many miracles. He is wonderful. I have been praying but your prayers will …

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I need a miracle for me to urgently get help and for GOD TO FUFILL EVERY PART OF MY PURPOSE! I pray to do a complete holy work for him and no less than Jesus Christ! I ask for a complete new life and come out of debt and abuse from others, to be really …

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