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Prayer for the world

I request a prayer for world peace. For my family I pray the God almighty will assist us in being able to achieve our goals of home ownership and show us the means to do so. I also pray to bring our families back together if it is his will. Lastly I pray for the …

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right decisions

Asking for prayers for my niece Madison that she makes the right decision for college and stays close to home

For my mom

Pls pray for my mother, Leticia Lao Uy, who lives in the Philippines and is widowed. She’s becoming frail and elderly . Today she called and told my brother that she had fallen last night and was not able to get up so she stayed on the floor until her maid woke up in the …

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Family unity between me and my 2 daughters. For personal protection/ protection of my daughters/ dog/ home/ rental property/time shares/ assess/ investments/ cars/ jobs/career/and everything associated with me/ for sound mind/ mental clarity/ excellent decision making skills/ favor/ success/ increased income/ love/ to rent out time shares/ good news/ blessings for good things/ peace/ divine …

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Prayer for my mother who passed away

O God, who hast commanded us to honor our father and our mother; in Thy mercy have pity on the soul of my mother Anna, Hoang Thi Nay, and forgive her her trespasses; and make me to see her again in the joy of everlasting brightness. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Jose carlos

God, Father I ask that you place your love over my nephew Jose Carlos as he is needing to be in the correct path, straighten his road, give him the direction he must travel on. Keep him away from all people and things that do not bring good or fruit. Protect him from harm and …

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Success in Medical Education

As a struggling medical student who has had multiple failures, I humbly pray that my testing journey will be successful from here on out so that I may become a doctor and care for others in the way that God has taught me to.


I pray that I get the job I've interviewed for. And I pray for peace, in Ukraine, and here in the United States. I pray good people realize the race violence, the fear, the xenophobia, the hate need to be fought- In Jesus Name Amen

Prayer for Murphy Family

May this prayer candle and prayer lifted up in the Jerusalem Church of the Holy Sepulcher bring forth abundant blessings in heaven for Bishop William H. Murphy, Sr and may God's loving Presence and blessings always surround his whole immediate, extended and church family. May God's loving heart especially comfort Lady Ella, William Jr., Carla, …

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