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Prayer for miracles

I pray for a positive case on my immigration case. I pray to get my green card approved. I pray for a fast process. Long live for my family and friends. New job opportunities and financial stability. Successful marriage. Spiritual healing on my right leg


Heavenly Father gives the money to Octave Masikini to complete the construction of the house he is building. Heavenly Father gives a long life to Octave Masikini.


Praying for me and Pastor D to get married and lead our church. Complete healing and restoration of my body. A miraculous job promotion and raise. Also to be such at it. And great health, financial stability, and salvation for my sons William LeGerrick and Max. Bless my household in Jesus name amen

Against evil from Sean Doberty

Please Lord, brothers and sisters, destroy all the evil and witchcraft stemming from Sean Doherty, may he stop or receive duplicated. May my life and everything and everyone I love be covered under the Blood of Jesus and the mantle of Our Holy Mother. Please give Pablo power over this and all witchcraft evil. In …

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Prayer against witchcraft

Dear Lord, brothers and sisters, I put in this holy prayer the name of Sean Doherty. Currently I am in battle against his witchcraft and evil. I put the Lord as a witness of my innocence and his fixation in my glorious freedom as a child of God. Sean has given his life to evil. …

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Please make the credit union accept Marcus latest offer as final settlement & grant him to continue owning his home. Grant me at least $1 million in next 30 days to help my son & pay my debts.

I need God now

I pray for the money to catch up on my rent and pay all back bills..I pray my biopsy is not cancer and is curable..I prayy daughter feels better and gets up and starts to walk around instead of always being in bed and the wheelchair..I pray for a very strong bond in my whole …

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Dear Heavenly Father, I beg and beseech you to know and Forgive my past sins as well as those to come. Father the demon gave permission to a neighbor, who took something I said completely out of context . Took my job record from a former boss and used it to embarrass me because I …

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Lord have mercy on Hicho a sinner , he bought some land and built a house for himself his sons their wife and kids and dogs, he just wanted to kwwp a little corner to built a small cottage when everyone was home to have some quiet but Seba his son used it to built …