Powerful Prayers for Healing and Protection from the Coronavirus

Miracles Do Come True!

Prayers for Healing and Protection from the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the alarmingly fast spread of the Coronavirus, many of us are scared and feeling helpless.

God protects and heals his children.

Join us in the power of prayer and submit your request for protection and healing prayer of you, your family and friends.  We will pray on your behalf at the holiest place on Earth.

On this page you’ll find prayers for healing and protection from the coronavirus.

Pray for Coronavirus to End Quick


I believe you are able to do the impossible and Father, and sometimes from my perspective, this corona virus problem appears impossible to the world. But You are the God of possibilities! Please, Father, do what only You can do. Please help us from this  corona virus pandemic by Your Grace. Amen.

He counts the stars and calls them all by name. How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension! Psalm 147:4–5



“Let us pray today for the dead, for those who, because of the virus, have lost their lives. In a particular way, let us pray for the health care workers who have died in these days, who gave their lives in the service of the sick,”
~ Pope Francis


Stop the Coronavirus Prayer Request

Jesus, please stop the Coronavirus.

Everyone is panicking and buying everything out. There’s not enough sanitizers, toilet paper and cleaning supplies to go around.

I work with customers and I hope to stay well. Pray for one else gets sick or dies from this Coronavirus.

Jesus please make the Coronavirus go away. I am hoping and praying it goes away. I am also praying for you to give strength. Let’s hear good news soon on everything. Please Jesus make miracles happen for everyone. Let me get a key to a new home soon. Let everyone in the world get better.


Prayer for Protection from COVID19

Please dear,

Lord Jesus protect me and my family and loved ones from COVID19 the coronavirus and all serious illnesses diseases and dangers and from the effects of panic.

Please stop the spread of this illness. Amen.

Glory be to God, the Holy Trinity and praised be the Holy name of Jesus.


Prayers for the Coronavirus and Other Plagues

Prayers that the coronavirus and other plagues on the land will be removed and that the people of God are shielded from these plagues in Jesus name.


A Prayer for this Pandemic for the Sick and Suffering

Dear God,
Please hear the cry of your beloved children. Heal our world of this terrible disease. Protect the doctors and first responders. We pray all of this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

God’s Healing and Protection from the Coronavirus

Dear God,

Healing protection around me and strengthening my body, especially during the time of coronavirus. God’s healing and hedge of protection around my family and other families in need.

God is love, God help me to show your grace to the people you have given me to love.



Prayer for Virus to Stop Spreading

Heavenly father,

I pray that the coronavirus stops spreading. That fear among people in the world ends. And that  meds and vaccines quickly be created.

Heal and protect the people who have been infected so far.



Guide and Protect my Family

Heavenly father,

Please guide and protect my family against the corona virus and strengthen us to be stronger in christ amen.


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