Miracles Do Come True!

I truly believed God and Jesus

There was definite good things happening after my prayer requests. I am a good person as well as our family is, and I was starting to question many things in life… including are there still good honest people around, so many lies and vindictive persons all around it seems now.   I WOULD HAVE NEVER IMAGINED WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT!   Our long time family pet our dog who was a family member went into cluster seizures. Being in the Nursing profession area I knew it was time he was suffering horribly and my heart broke having to make the decision to put him to sleep….what happened next the very day… you said our prayers and almost to within the minutes he passed away you said our prayers for our family. Via e-mail we received confirmation for prayers and the candle lighting ceremony had happened. I cried and went wow! The flame in the candle changed to brilliant different colors almost like a soul passing by to say goodbye. At first it creep ed me out, and I am still in aw that it all happened that way. I never in a million years would have guessed my/our beloved Pets time would have come in correspondence to my Prayer requests. I was starting to loose faith in many things because of all the corruption and mean people I was seeing in the world. I give so much compassion to so many including my dying Patients.   That day I truly believed God and Jesus helped us and is protecting our family in many ways. I started to loose faith and my hope has been re-instilled. Now I Pray for protection for my Family and I as we go through turbulent times in this world now, as well as I do for every human or animal on this earth. I want to be around and with good positive people who share the same compassion and honesty as I do from my heart. Our family has been through so much in the past 9 years and I have had my fair share of pain and grieving, and I feel for anyone that does also! Please keep protecting our Family God and Jesus we need you! I ask for this all through your son Jesus’ name amen.

I Got Accepted for a Wonderful Job

I have to let you know the Praise Report!!! I got accepted for a wonderful job. More than I could have hoped for or imagined. Just like our prayer request. I sought you for prayer on March 11. I got blessed with an answer on 3/16. Thank you. God Bless you and to Him be all the glory.

My prayers have been answered

Thank you so much. My prayers have been answered. I bought the candle and prayer service to give me hope in taking my board exams. I found out I passed! but I did have doubts at first, the test was the hardest test I ever took and I thought the computer was purposely trying to make me fail. after the test I was so sad and scared. But I remembered the service and the pictures of my candle and prayer gave me hope. so I passed and I thank you all for your wonderful prayers and help. Thank Jesus and God. you are all blessings to us.

Prayer Came True for Finding Our Son

Our son was missing, and contacted us after our candle was lit in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Thank you so much for offering this service – our prayer request were answered right away!

Thank you Lord, No Cancer!

Thank you for your Blessed Ministry! I am healed, No Cancer, No disease! Had abnormal pap smear had several checkups! Dr’s had No explanation for why examinations were showing abnormal! God is good!

Free from Cancer

My thanks for 3 year breast cancer mammogram showed no sign of cancer return. And for any of my prayers requests answered

Prayer for Not having Debt

Dear Church of the Holy Sepulcher I email to say thank you so much for the prayers that were made for me.  In January 2019 I prayed that would be the last year I was ever in debt. As of February this year (2020), my debts were cleared, and I am officially debt free. Praise be to god for I never thought this would ever happen. Kind regards Sheila

Prayers have been answered for our son

Our prayers have been answered our son tested positive for the coronavirus. He was in the hospital for ten days. It’s an absolute miracle he is alive. He had fatal symptoms he couldn’t breathe lung failure septics wasn’t getting oxygen to the brain. I believe in my heart ️ that most Sacred Heart ️ of Jesus saved him. Today he is doing well.  Thank you!